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mmm.why sumtimes i always keep thinking bout her..she seems like can disappear me from her heart..i dont think so that she will as stated below.:

i dont think im in her heart anymore.
i dont think she loves me stronger like before.
i dont think she care bout me anymore.
i dont think she want me back in her life.
i dont think she will be saying ' syg, luv u.muah!!' . 'syg, miss u' and all the sweet word.
i dont think that we can call everynite like before.
i dont think she feel happy when talk to me.

maybe its true cause the way she treat me rite now is different. i don't know how is she back in shah alam..maybe she always think that guy so much or spending time.kalo bkan pn,ade mende lain, tak pn bz sgt...i don't know, cause my heart keep telling me that..wallahualam.. its ok.. im just wanna tell u that I LOVE U SO MUCH..
if i have another chance, i really2 want u back in my life ..i wanna be with u like before.

awk...take good care of ur self. igt janji2 kite bedua tu k..i always be with u..
kite pgang pada prinsip kite kat awk..just for u..cause i feel different.

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