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OOO2...i forgot to blog about the trip to kelantan with all architecture students sem 5 n 4..
oo man..i was so happy of going for the trip with college but the sad think is, we have to go there by train..TRAIIIINN!!!!..u know how long is the journey? takes about 15 hours or i can consider as 2 days just like going to US..
kiterang pergi sana sebab ade assignment which are site analysis, sketching, measurements n site kali ni cm tak best..nk design building tepi sungai tp sungai cam teh tarik..tak best..

time nih tengah buat presentation kat hotel DANI.tgk la farid tu..tekun..serious..nnt presentation, ade je ayat lawak die..hahahaha..just make it simple for first presentation..will do better for the next submission..hehehe..

yang ni ngah rehat2 jap sementara tunggu lecturer angkut baru lepas wat site analysis.(analysis la sgt kn..).dah la panas..letih lak tu...kalah KL, panas kat kelantan tu lagi terik.. member aku sorang tu dah la gelap..kena panas combo hitam nye..hahahahah..sory dude..saje melawak..

but one thing, this pic below is so cool..why? ok2..i tell u..have u ever seen motorcyle in a motor lane had a traffic problem? im sure its rarely to see..but this one occur because of one trishaw using that lane, all motorcyle stuck behind..

hahaha..dlm gmba munkin tak berapa sgt, tp realiti, mmg tegelak gile2 nye..cukup la kot sampai cn.. NJOY!!!.

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