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9th Jun 2010:
its time for me to meet my family in perth..its about 6 month we've been apart..huhuhuh..11:50 pm is my flight to ausie.. it's a 5 hour journey and no entetainment in the flight...OOO MENGGG!!..luckily i have my iphone with me..

10th jun 2010:
safely, the pilot have touched down at perth international about..5:30am is the arrival time.later,i inform my mom that i have arrived.
about half an hour later, she arive..i hug her tighly..miss u mom..after putting all the luggage in the car, we straight away to home..what a cute house..when i arrived, my brother and sister woke up for their shcool..hahaha..
miss u guys so much..n hafitz, u grown up taller now..almost tall as me..huhuhuhu...i feel im very short now..because im so exausted, i slept for the whole day..ahhhhh!!..what a relief..

on the next day, my mom bring me to meet her adopted son which his name is sebastian..his a nice guy but sometimes he swears alot..i can see he happy to se me as if im like his brother..hahaha.
u talk a lot and funny too..later then , we go and have a cofee break..its a nice weather here..and cold too.

seb n me...nyum2 having our lunch..banyk nyeeee

on the next next day,hehehe, my mom take me around in perth city.then we go to the beach, go climb up the hill to watch the beautiful view which u can see the city of perth.
mm..i wish i can folow my mom stay here soon..mmm..not much to blog i end my words ..thx guys

the cute n fluffy.. n how can he cary two of strong..hahaha

so crowded..watching FIFA world cup coffee..hahaha
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